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Designed for integration

Hills Nurse Call platform is designed to integrate with a ride range of hardware, software and database systems, including mobile telephony, bed exit sensors, building management systems, security and fire alarms, RTLS and more.

Security Solutions

Hills distributes a range of innovative brands such as IDIS which combines high quality, world-class performance with low cost of ownership. As South Korea‘s largest surveillance manufacturer, IDIS has developed a comprehensive set of technologies to ensure maximum protection for end users.

Video Management Systems

The IDIS Video Management System allows facilities to manage an unlimited number of security devices to create a customised surveillance system.

 • On demand monitoring status of all registered devices 

 • Simple map registration

 • An ideal solution for applications with a combination of software modules – monitoring, streaming, recording, backup.

Security Cameras

Hills supplies an extensive range of security cameras, like the IDIS Super Fisheye Camera which follows moving objects in real-time with ground-breaking accuracy, panning at different speeds and in different directions. This camera also offers twoway audio.

Bed Exit Sensor

Place under the mattress for non intrusive bed monitoring, the Bed Exit Sensor detects changes in pressure and senses when a person leaves their bed. It will then activate alarm to alert the caregiver.

Made from hypo allergic soft PVC, the Bed Exit Sensor demonstrates consistent results, with one year guaranteed life expectancy.