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IP7500 Master Call Point

The IP7500 Master Call Point is a wall mounted, single gang plate with up to five programmable soft touch buttons and 4 RGB re-assurance LED’s. When a call button is pushed an audible beep is emitted and the LEDs flash in colours and patterns corresponding to the call type. Alarms are displayed visibly and audibly on other nurse call system devices to alert staff.

Distributed Intelligence

The PoE enabled IP7500 Master Call Point is typically located at the bed, with multiple Slave Call Point within the room connecting to it via network cables to rear RJ45 ports.

Key Features

• Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled

 • Five programmable soft touch buttons

 • 4 RGB re-assurance LED's 

• Multiple changeable overlay options available

 • Optional handset & auxiliary input connectors 

• Chemical and fade resistant 

• Standard gang plate