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Get Well Inc is the largest patient engagement company in the world, serving over 85,000 beds, and its innovative patient engagement solutions are distributed exclusively across Australia and New Zealand by Hills Health Solutions. Founded in 2000 by cancer survivor Michael O’Neil, Get Well offers a low capital, software as a service model so that providers can guide patients and their family through the care journey.

Engaging patients with the right information at the right time

Get Well uses digital cross-continuum platforms to help patients and their family navigate their care journey, engaging them with the right information at the right time. In addition, it provides data driven insights that empower clinicians and in doing so, delivers outcomes that improve the patient experience and creates cost savings for providers.


Track progress virtually and in real time.


Streamline registration and intake.


Automate delivery of reminders and instructions.


Personalised education and real-time service recovery.


Facilitate transactions and maintain continuity of care.


Guide patients through empathetic care plans.


Make check-in convenient, fast and painless.


Prepare patients and set the right expectations.


Teach patients to proactively manage their care.


Reinforce compliance and successful home care management.

Improving the patient experience with cross continuum platforms


  • Directions to hospital or clinic
  • Checklists and prompts to prepare patients for procedure
  • Two-way messaging with care teams

Inpatient, Outpatient, Clinic

  • Digital registration and intake
  • Guided education pathways
  • Care team information
  • Meal ordering in hospital

Post Encounter

  • Follow-up appointment reminder
  • Personalized education on wound care, symptom management, pain management
  • Discharge Instructions
  • Patient reported outcomes

Delivering information at the right time

Utilising Get Well, patients receive information about their treatment on their own smart phone or tablet. In a hospital setting, patients can utilise Get well Inpatient using BYOD, a hospital terminal, a hospital television or hybrid. 

Patient Experience

Clinical Experience

Clinical staff can access patient information via the EMR, Pulse and the management console. Get Well is Cerner certified and integrates with a host of other applications like Epic and Allscripts.

Leading the way

Get Well has serviced the inpatient space for 20 years and understand the needs of health care providers:

To deliver a better patient experience  

  • Improved staff communications 
  • Improved staff to patient communications
  • Improved staff responsiveness and service recovery
  • Improved patient satisfaction with discharge information and communication post procedure

To ensure improved quality and safety

  • Prevent hospital acquired infections  
  • Support virtual care protocols
  • Reduce readmission risk 
  • Cross continuum communication enables care teams to coordinate efforts that elevate outcomes

To create operational efficiencies

  • Offload non-clinical tasks from nurses  
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Facilitate timely discharge readiness and reduce length of stay
  • Hardwire nursing best practices
  • Standardise efficient delivery of patient education
  • Reduce readmission risk

Why choose Get Well?

Significant integration
experience with large and
niche IT systems            
Comprehensive but modular
set of capabilities

Connected platform of assets
across all settings of care

Comprehensive but modular
set of capabilities

Hands-on clinical support           

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