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Improve your customer experience with a fully managed TV Rental solution from Hills Health.

TV rental keeps patients entertained as they recover from illness or injury. The average consumer turns the television on for six to eight hours a day, but hospital TV’s typically run for over 11 hours each day, making them an excellent tool for hospitals to share educational information as well as differentiate their brand from other healthcare providers.

Why partner with us?

Hills Health Solutions (HHS) is Australia’s largest supplier of hospital entertainment solutions to healthcare providers. For healthcare providers, dealing with HHS offers a host of benefits:

  • HHS carries the full commercial risk including design, installation, service, staffing and daily operation, and holds public liability insurance and equipment insurance
  • No upfront capital outlay required.
  • HHS manages all billing and user enquiries.
  • Customised programming available
  • Outsourcing allows health providers to focus on provision of clinical and care services.

The benefits of TV Rental

We understand the needs of healthcare providers

HHS has a long history of supplying television services in the health sector and can manage patient requests.


We are the recognised experts

Our staff ’live and breathe’ hospital entertainment and have years of experience working with the technology. Local knowledge is key, and we have staff in every state.

Security of dealing with Australia’s largest supplier

As the largest supplier of patient engagement technology in Australia, we have sophisticated systems in place to ensure your solution is maintained and supported at all times.

HHS offers a range of models:

Patients pay to use, with commission through profit share available (Patient Rental model) Hospital pays a fixed monthly rental, free for all patients (Fixed Rental model) Hybrid model – pay in some wards, free in others

The Solution

Hills TV Rental utilises a MATV solution which has been designed around patient safety, ease of use and reliability. The system comprises:

  • Smart Medical Broadcasting Widescreen (SMB) LED televisions
    Available in 22” and 32” sizes, and with a resolution of 1680 x 1050, these TV’s won’t cause interference with the operation of electronic equipment installed in hospitals. They don’t use system-based loudspeakers -- all sound reproduction is via the pillow speaker in the handset. They feature passive cooling units and are quiet to operate: SPL=<1dB.

  • Hospital specific mounting systems
    HHS engineered mounting systems are unobtrusive and guarantee patient safety

  • HHS Entertainment/Nurse Call Handsets
    In patient ward areas, the TV’s feature audio hard-wired to the control handset. Headphones can also be plugged into the handset. This keeps sound levels low to maintain a restful environment.

  • Free to air channels
    Just like home, so patients can continue to watch their favourite shows.

  • In-house movie channels
    Patients can watch new release movies.

  • Radio channels
    Patients can enjoy the most popular radio stations free of charge without the need for a separate audio system to be installed to each bed.

  • Optional channels
    Education, information and chapel channels are available, as well as an easy listening music channel which can be matched to relaxing graphics - perfect for waiting rooms.