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Hills Health Nurse Call technology is deployed in more hospitals and aged care facilities across Australia than any other brand. Our Nurse Call solutions are designed and manufactured in Australia and it’s that local knowledge, together with their continued investment in R&D, that sets us apart from the competition - it means we can offer customised, customer centric solutions, purpose-built for your facility. And because we invest in our product roadmap, you can be sure that our solutions will meet the needs of health providers, now and in the future.

Hills IP7500 Series Nurse Call

Hills IP7500 Series Nurse Call solution is a robust, high availability life safety solution designed and manufactured in Australia. Built around a simple architecture, Hills Nurse Call provides distributed intelligence to each and every bed, so healthcare providers can deliver agile, customer centric care. Whether you manage a multi-storey hospital or a residential care facility, Hills can scale a solution to meet your needs.

Compliance & Certifications

  • AS/NZS CISPR 22:2010 – Information Technology Equipment
  • AS 60529:2004 (IP65)
  • AS3811 Hardwired Patient Alarms
  • ISO 9001 QM
  • Australasian Health Facilities Guidelines

The benefits of IP7500 Nurse Call

Powerful IP Technology

Powerful IP Technology

Powerful IP technology means that each master call point works like a micro computer – monitoring each bed and communicating information directly to staff. We can customise commands to suit your needs and enable reports that reveal the status of your facility.

HIgh Availability

High Availability

A decentralised IP architecture means there is no need for a centralised server. Instead, each master call point sends an activated call directly to the right staff person at the right time. There is no single point of failure, and self testing capabilities ensure that each master call point is ...

Real time messaging

Real Time Messaging

When patients call for assistance, Hills IP7500 sends information directly to the nurse station or the appropriate staff person, reducing delays in response time. The message includes the patient’s bed, room and floor number, and how long the call has been active.



Reporting tools ensure all activity is logged so workflow and performance data can be tracked and analysed, including rounding procedures.

Scalable & future-proof

Scalable & future-proof

A true IP nurse call, Hills Nurse Calll solutions are scalable and future proof and will grow and develop with your facility. Our new latest version IP7500 is backwards compatible with version IP7100.

Bed Management

Bed Management

Hills Nurse Call can signal when rooms require cleaning and when they’re ready for new patient. Reporting on bed turnover and occupancy rates is also available.

Dementia Care adaptations

Dementia Care adaptations

Hills offers a specialised Dementia Care platform which allows for the creation of resident profiles to display key behavioural parameters so staff quickly and easily understand the workflow requirements without having to sift through data.

Integrates with other systems

Integrates with other Systems

Hills Nurse Call is designed to integrate with a wide range of hardware, software and database systems, including building management systems, Real Time Location Service (RTLS) and more.

Hills IP7500 Nurse Call solution intergrates with:

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We're proud of our legacy

Hills Health proudly supports our legacy technology, the IP7100 Nurse Call and Questek Nurse Call solutions. Contact Customer Support on 1300 445 574 for information