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Hills Health Solutions Pty Ltd, HHS is a part of Hills Limited (Hills), one of the oldest companies in Australia.

Hills has delivered innovation and value to Australian households since 1945, when Lance Hill designed the iconic Hills Hoist clothesline. Today, that spirit of innovation continues, but it’s focused on delivering technology solutions to hospitals and aged care facilities so that the people who need the most care are safe and can stay connected to their community and loved ones.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To provide world class technology that supports healthcare providers to deliver excellence in care and patient satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To manufacture world class nurse call and bring the best innovations in healthcare technology to facilities across Australia and New Zealand.

Our Values

Our Values

We value respect, accountability, teamwork, integrity and safety and we will incorporate these values into everything we do.

Hills Health Solutions Offers

World class nurse call solutions, made in Australia.

Access to the latest patient engagement technology: Hospital TV rental solutions, Guest Wi-Fi

24/7 technical support, 365 days a year. We’re focused on providing the highest levels of sales service.


Expert resources. We’ve invested in staff who bring a diverse set of knowledge and capabilities to each project.


Continuity of supply. A strong domestic supply chain ensures our product is always available.

Our History