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Improve your customer experience with a fully managed Wi-Fi solution for patients and guests. Hills Health is pleased to offer Guest Wi-Fi, a public access internet service and fully managed Wi-Fi solution for patients and guests, so they can stay connected with family and friends using their own device. Wi-Fi connectivity relieves boredom, minimizes anxiety and can be harnessed to provide important information to patients and residents about the facility and their treatment plans.

Hills Health Guest Wi-Fi solutions provide reliable, easy access Wi-Fi, improving the patient experience and increasing the performance of your facility:

The benefits of Guest Wi-Fi

Added Security

Added Security

Guest Wi-Fi is not only a crowd-pleaser – it’s a proven way to provide added security to your network. When you provide a separate network for guests, your prevent malware on a visitor’s device from gaining access to your data.

revenue stream

Add another revenue stream

Add a premium Guest Wi-Fi service and you add another revenue stream. Sales of a premium service can reduce the cost of providing standard Guest Wi-Fi.

user analytics

Gather User Analytics

A Guest Wi-Fi network provides the potential to measure traffic and collect important user analytics, like how long your guests were connected and which sites they visited.

Faster Wi-Fi

Faster Wi-Fi

Adding Guest Wi-Fi will ensure faster Wi-Fi speeds as your network won’t be clogged by visitors competing for the same radio frequency

Isolate your LAN

Isolate your local area network (LAN)

A dedicated network allows guests to access the internet but prevents them from accessing your private LAN. This prevents visitors from accessing files on a network attached storage device, or accessing ethernet connected or Wi-Fi devices that are logged onto your network.

Improve patient experience

Improve the patient experience

Guest Wi-Fi creates another opportunity to improve the patient experience and provides a touch point for healthcare providers to connect with customers and highlight your brand.

Hills has a range of Guest Wi-Fi solutions - talk to our team about a customised solution for your facility.