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Product Insight: Hills IP Series Staff Terminal

Hills IP Series Staff Terminal is a highly configurable addition to a nurse call solution that can improve operational efficiency by ensuring the right message is sent to the right ...

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Benefits of Wireless Nurse Call

Hills wireless nurse call offers a unique set of benefits for healthcare providers, including cost-savings and increased functionality. Cost-Saving Benefits One of the obvious benefits of wireless nurse call systems ...

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Hills ‘speech to the bedside’

Research shows that direct communication between a patient or resident and their carer can significantly improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and staff efficiency. With the benefits of real-time communication in ...

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Meeting the expectations of the digitally savvy consumer

The connected consumer expects high performance Wi-Fi connectivity everywhere, even in hospitals and aged care facilities. From banking to booking a holiday or registering a car, digitally savvy consumers rate ...

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How to Improve Patient Engagement

4 Tips for a more meaningful strategy. Having a great plan of care is important for a successful surgery and an optimal recovery, but the plan is only valuable if ...

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We’re working to support healthcare staff

Hills Health is proud to manufacture world class nurse call technology right here in Australia, and provide innovative patient engagement solutions to support Australian and New Zealand healthcare providers.

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