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Research shows that direct communication between a patient or resident and their carer can significantly improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and staff efficiency.

With the benefits of real-time communication in mind, Hills Health IP7500 nurse call provides an integrated speech capability that enables patients to communicate directly with their carer.

Utilising the industry standard SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) for interconnection of communication systems, carers can make and receive calls from patients using either landline or mobile phones. This feature allows the carer to initiate a call back to the patient or resident when the nurse call is activated to determine the urgency of the request. This assists staff to manage their workflow, and to continue with the task at hand or immediately attend the call.

The system also allows patients or residents to talk to their carer ‘handsfree’ either through a speech module mounted at the bedhead or via the patient handset resting near the pillow. This is advantageous for patients or residents who are unable to hold a device or confused by multiple buttons.

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