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When it comes to Patient Engagement, we’re Australia’s market leaders. From television rental and guest Wi-Fi to the innovative GetWellNetwork, Hills can help you deliver a better patient experience.
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Hills Health TV Rental solution

As a medium that is ‘always on’, TV provides a great touch point for hospitals to engage patients in their care journey, and to differentiate their brand from other healthcare providers. As well as facilitating a more pleasant hospital stay, studies have shown that patient entertainment can effect positive health benefits including reducing stress and anxiety..

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Guest Wi-Fi solution

Wi-Fi connectivity relieves boredom, minimizes anxiety and can be harnessed to provide important information to patients or residents. Hills Health offers reliable, easy to manage Guest Wi-Fi solutions that enhance the patient experience and improve the performance of your facility.

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GetWellNetwork Inc is the largest patient engagement company in the world and its SaaS solution is proudly distributed across Australia and New Zealand by Hills Health. GetWellNetwork offers a comprehensive, cross-continuum platform that guides patients and families along every step in their care journey.

Patient Engagement facilitates

Where have Hills Patient Engagement solutions been deployed? See our Acute Care or Aged Care reference sites.