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Hills wireless nurse call offers a unique set of benefits for healthcare providers, including cost-savings and increased functionality.

Cost-Saving Benefits
One of the obvious benefits of wireless nurse call systems is cost-savings. Going wireless can be a cost-effective alternative to a hard wired solution, particularly in older buildings where running cable can be difficult and time consuming. Wireless can be installed quickly and efficiently, which not only ensures lower labour costs but assures minimal disruption for patients/residents. One Facility Manger estimated it took 10 minutes to deploy Hills Wireless system in each room, as opposed to half a day to install a wired solution.

It’s also a smart solution for facilities that are planning to knockdown and rebuild. Hills is currently rolling-out a wireless nurse call solution to a 50 bed facility in NSW that is planning future re-developments and doesn’t want to commit to a hard-wired installations.

Easy Integration
Hills’ Wireless Solution can be natively integrated into new or existing IP series nurse call systems and can be rolled out incrementally, bed by bed to meet budget constraints. This is beneficial as a facility expands or upgrades. Hills Health used the wireless solution to upgrade 18 beds at a 55 bed aged care facility in Victoria where cost was a factor. Facility managers liked that they could initiate a phased roll-out and appreciated that the Hills solution utilises wireless (rather than Wi-Fi) technology, running above the 900mhz bandwidth, which ensures minimal interference and a reliable system.

Resident Centred Care
It might sound counter intuitive, but Hills advanced technology promotes a homelike ambience. With silent alarms directed straight to pagers and mobile devices, staff can be instantly notified without a loud alarm. In addition, wearable pendants allow residents to move around the facility, safe in the knowledge that the device performs regular status checks to ensure functionality. Hills can customise a solution – for example, one facility requested corded handsets to ensure they weren’t misplaced or lost.

Metrics that Matter
The server is the central data repository of the Hills Wireless Nurse Call Solution logging information, and monitoring data which can be used to generate reports and a range of metrics that allow facilities to access, compare, and improve workflows and track response times.

If you’re curious to see what going wireless looks like, schedule a time to talk. We’ll provide an analysis of wireless vs hardwired technologies to find the best solution for your project.