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IP7500 PoE Annunciator Display

The IP7500 PoE Annunciator Display is a multi-colour, 13 character LED display panel with an integrated chime and speaker, powered by a PoE+ network switch. Used to audibly alert and display the origin and priority of nurse call alerts. Annunciators are typically located in a corridor or opposite a staff station and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Key Features

• 9 LED colours available

• Single and double sided displays available

• Can be mounted to wall or ceiling

• High quality white housing and bracket

Call Priority

When a call is active, chimes sound distinct priority tones and the location of the call is displayed on the annunciator in large, easy to read text. If more calls are active than can be displayed within the panel, the text will scroll from right to left, in order of call priority.

When there are no active calls, the annunciator displays current time and date.