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Wireless Call Point

Hills Health Solutions Wireless Call Point is a wall mounted, single gang plate with up to three programmable soft touch buttons and two reassurance LEDs. It operates on the Inovonics Echostream® 900Mhz commercial mesh network and is battery powered. Rated IP65, it is suitable for use in wet environments.

Intuitive Design 

The buttons on the call station trigger and cancel alarm events. Alarm reassurance is provided by an audible beep and LED pattern specific to the alarm type. 

Alarm events are displayed both visibly and audibly on other nurse call system peripherals, such as annunciators, to alert staff that an alarm has been triggered.

Multiple overlay options are available to suit the required button configuration and functionality. 

Key Features

• 900Mhz frequency range

• Frequency hopping spread spectrum.

• Powered by user replaceable battery

• Utilises mechanical tact switches to provide
tactile actuation when pressed

• Easily cleaned and sanitised

• Mounting plate supplied